Guanlong Mountain Campus

The predecessor of the School of Medical Technology and Nursing is Shenzhen Health School, which was established in 1981 and integrated into Shenzhen Polytechnic in 2004. It can be traced back to the Baoan County Health School in 1973 and it had a history of more than 40 years. For a long time, the school has relied on the development of the Pearl River Delta industry and insists on the spirit of the reform and innovation of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. Committed to education reform and personnel training’s system,the school has achieved great development.

The school has six specialies: Nursing (provincial demonstration speicalty, provincial high-level specialty), Stomatology, Stomatology Technology, Rehabilitation, Optometry, Midwifery, etc. It also operates a Teaching and Research Office of Basic Medicine and an Infirmary, responsible for public services in schools, such as medical care, health education, infectious disease prevention, health safety supervision. There are 1234 students and 85 faculty members, including3 professors and 19 associate professors. And a group of clinical experts and scholars with rich teaching experience are employed as part-time teachers.

Located in Guanlong Mountain Campus, the school has a beautiful environment, covering 100,000 square meters, with a total floor area of nearly 28,000 square meters. It owns independent teaching buildings, libraries, training buildings, canteens, student apartments, lecture halls and sports venues. The school has more than 70 training bases in hospitals or enterprises at all levels in provinces and municipalities. It even has one training base at Kashgar area for students from Xinjiang Province. According to the "double subject" standard, three modern apprenticeship teaching bases are being built for students’ high-quality internship and employment, namely Shenzhen Children's Hospital, Baoan District Maternal and Child Health Hospital and Shenzhen Jiahong Denture Technology Development Co., Ltd. In addition, while providing medical security for teachers and students, the Infirmary of the School, equipped with rich clinical experienced personnel, also establishes dental, visual, rehabilitation and maternal and child health centers for students to practice and observe during class.

The School has one National Quality Course, two National Resource Pool Courses and two Provincial Quality Resource sharing courses. And it keeps ahead in the teaching style, study ethos, employment rate among the whole Polytechnic. The school has been awarded many prizes, such as the Provincial Woman Civilization Station, the Municipal Advanced Unit of Education Quality. Over the past three years, our students have made great achievements in various national or provincial competitions of optometry and ophthalmology skills, oral skills, and nursing skills.

1. Nursing

Train Objective: The nursing specialty includes two directions: nursing and pediatric nursing. It trains high-quality and high-skilled professionals who are competent for nursing posts in hospitals, community health service centers and other medical institutions. To meet the first-line demands of clinical nursing, they should make an all-round development of morality, intelligence, and physics, possess modern nursing concepts, basic professional competence, and be able to work independently or as a team member.

Main Course:

Common Platform Course: College English; Computer Application; Mao Zedong Thought and Socialism with Chinese Characteristics; Ideological and Moral Cultivation and Legal Basis.etc.

Core Courses: Anthropotomy, Human Physiology, Nursing Foundation, Internal Medicine Nursing, Surgical Nursing, Obstetrics and Gynecology Nursing, Pediatric Nursing.etc.

Employment Orientation:

Orientation of Nursing: Nursing graduates can work in wards, emergency departments, operating rooms and other departments of hospital; they can also work in community health service centers, elderly homes, health care institutions, clinics, disease control centers, family planning centers, blood centers etc.

Orientation of Pediatric Nursing: We cooperate with Shenzhen Children's Hospital, and train together high-quality and high-skilled pediatric nursing professionals who can meet modern clinical work's demands, to deliver outstanding graduates of pediatric nursing to the hospital.

2. Optometry

Train Objective: to cultivate innovative and high-skilled talents with modern technology and means for eye health assessment, optometry, operation and management, maintenance and marketing of ophthalmic optometric products. And to meet the needs of ophthalmic production, retail, visual health care and rehabilitation technology posts, they should make an all-round development of morality, intelligence, physics and aesthetics, have great comprehensive qualities, and master the basic theory of optics, visual optics and marketing and the necessary medical knowledge.

Main Course:

College English; Computer Application; Human Anatomical Physiology; Ophthalmology; Spectacles; Optics; Eye Health Examination; Optometry; Binocular Vision Abnormality Treatment; Contact Lens Matching; Low Vision Matching and Rehabilitation; Strabismus and Amblyopia Clinical Techniques.etc.

Employment Orientation: Graduates of optometry can work in medical institutions at all levels and their subsidiary medical optometry centers, visual rehabilitation center of disabled people's federation, and companies that produce and sell visual products, as optometrists, visual rehabilitation trainers or professional trainers of optometric products. They can also work in large-scale chain companies (stores), as optometrists, opticians, enterprise administrators (such as purchasers, quality inspectors).

3. Rehabilitation

Train Objective: to cultivate high quality practical specialised talents who master basic medical knowledge, clinical medical knowledge, basic theory of rehabilitation medicine and are proficient in various rehabilitation assessment techniques, physical therapy techniques, occupational therapy techniques and speech therapy techniques. To meet the development of socialist market economy, they should have good professional ethics, good social adaptability, innovative awareness and sustainable development ability, and make an all-round development of morality, intelligence, physics, aesthetics and labor.

Main Course: College English; Computer Application; Anthropotomy; Physiology; Clinical Disease Summary; Rehabilitation Assessment Technology; Massage Technology; Physical Therapy Technology; Occupational Therapy Technology; Speech Therapy Technology; Rehabilitation Engineering Technology. etc.

Employment Orientation: Graduate of rehabilitation can work in various medical and health institutions, disability systems, civil affairs departments, sports systems and health maintenance institutions at all levels, engaging in rehabilitation treatment and rehabilitation-related work. Since the establishmen, our speciality has delivered all kinds of rehabilitation talents for the society, and the employment rate has reached 100% for years. Some graduates even earn more than 10,000 Yuan a month.

4. Stomatology Technology

Train Objective: to cultivate high-skilled application-oriented professionals with noble professional ethics, good comprehensive quality, basic theoretical knowledge of humanities and stomatology technology, strong skills in prosthodontics and Stomatology technology.

Main Course: College English; Computer Application; Oral Anatomy and Physiology; Stomatological Materials; Oral Diseases Overview; Introduction of Dental Technology; Fixed Prosthodontic Technique; Removable Denture Technology; Complete Denture Technology; Aesthetics of Stomatology; Orthodontic Technology; Design and Application of Oral CAD Software; Foundation of Dental Implantation.

Employment Orientation: Graduates of stomatology technology can work in denture manufacturing companies and dental technicians' offices of various medical and health institutions, engaging in the production, maintenance, quality inspection and training of various dentures and appliances, as dental technicians and trainers. They can also engage in sales, training and management in relevant dental medical equipment materials companies. There is a huge shortage of talents related to this specialty in enterprises of the Pearl River Delta region. Since the establishment, the employment rate of our specialty has maintained 100% for five consecutive years.

5. Stomatology

Train Objective: to cultivate high-skilled talents of Stomatology who master the basic medical theory and clinical knowledge, the basic theory of Stomatology and conventional clinical operation skills, engaging in the diagnosis, treatment, restoration and prevention of common and frequently-occurring oral diseases in primary medical and health institutions. To meet the developmentof local medical and health undertakings, they should make an all-round development of morality, intelligence, physics and aesthetics, with high comprehensive and innovative abilities, good ideological and moral character, professional ethics and legal consciousness.

Main Course: College English; Computer Application; Anthropotomy; Human Physiology; Basic Pathology; Biochemistry; Pharmacology; Internal Medicine; Surgery; Diagnostic Fundament; Oral Anatomy and Physiology; Oral Histopathology; Oral Internal Medicine; Oral Maxillofacial Surgery; Prosthodontics; Stomatological Materials; Orthodontics; Preventive Dentistry. etc.

Employment Orientation: Graduates of Stomatology can work in stomatology department of general hospitals, dental specialty hospitals, private stomatology medical institutions, dental clinics, and grass-root medical institutions (such as community medical service centers, health centers), engaging in the diagnosis, treatment, restoration and prevention of common and frequently-occurring oral diseases.

6. Midwifery

Train Objective: to cultivate midwifery talents who not only master the necessary theory and operation skills of humanities, basic medicine, clinical medicine, obstetrics and gynecology specialty, but also have noble professional ethics, good personal qualities and modern concept of midwifery for sustainable development.

Main Course: Anthropotomy; Human Physiology; Internal Medicine Nursing; Surgical Nursing; Gynecological Nursing; Paediatric Nursing; Health Assessment; Obstetric Technology

Employment Orientation: Midwifery graduates can work in clinical hospitals, maternal and child health centers, family planning service centers, community health centers and other medical institutions at all levels, engaging in professional work such as midwifery, obstetrics and Gynecology care, neonatal care, maternal and infant health care, family health care and community care.


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A nursing teacher guides students to nurse severe patients.

A stomatological teacher guides students to practice.

China National Ministry of education and American National League for Nursing(NLN) visit our school for investigation and communication.