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Introduction to Physical Education Department

The Physical Education Department at Shenzhen Polytechnic is a teaching department in charge of teaching and research of physical education of the college, training and management of teachers and staff's sports teams and students' sports teams, guidance for works in teachers and staff's clubs and students' PE societies, organization and coordination of PE activities of teachers and students, and management and services of sports venues (stadiums), sports facilities and equipment. The Department consists of 47 teachers and staff, including 38 professional teachers and 9 administrative staff. Among the teachers and staff, 24 hold a master's degree, and 5 hold a doctor's degree. There are 12 professors and 18 associate professors in the Department. 62. 5% of teachers and staff have professional titles.

Presently, the Department has over 40 PE courses for students, such as wushu, archery, snooker, fencing, golf, sports health care for students with dyskinesia, and other special courses. We have built four Physical Education brands, which are Shenzhen Polytechnic sports teams, Shenzhen Polytechnic wushu, Shenzhen Polytechnic football, and "physical training" program. There are 18 student sports teams in the Department. We have won 24 gold medals, 14 silver medals, and 10 bronze medals in the Tenth University Games of Guangdong Province in 2019, and won the championships of the gold medal tally, the total medal tally, and the total competition score. We win over 100 medals in sports competitions of country-level and province-level every year and come out in front in similar colleges in the country.

The Department has built seven major platforms, which are National Higher Vocational College Physical Education "One School One Brand" Demonstration Base, General Administration of Sport of China Sports Culture Research Base, Guangdong Province College Traditional Chinese Culture Inheritance Base, Shenzhen Dragon and Lion Dance Sports Association College Talents Training Base, Shenzhen Sports Social Instructors Training Base, International Wushu Exchange Center, and Shenzhen Polytechnic Teacher Professional Development Research Center.

The Department has implemented a "Two Healthy" program with a target of "healthy and strong men and healthy and graceful women in the dynamic and happy Shenzhen Polytechnic." We have also promoted a "Three Ones" PE project, in which we guide every student to join one PE society, become fond of one recreational and sports activity, and master one sports skill. A whole school students’ sports game and a teachers and staff’ sports game are held every month. Regular campus sports and activities such as school games, happy run, football matches, basketball matches, volleyball matches, badminton matches, table tennis matches, and swimming matches are very popular among teachers and students.

The Department manages five indoor sports stadiums, one standard track, two swimming pools, two gymnasiums, one testing center for physical fitness, one international physical fitness training and rehabilitation center, and over 40 outdoor sports venues. There are multiple indoor sports venues, including basketball halls, badminton halls, table tennis halls, swimming pools, wushu halls, taekwondo halls, snooker rooms, physique rooms, a physical fitness training and rehabilitation center, fencing fields, golf simulation training fields, and so on, which have provided various kinds of options of sports for teachers and students. Currently, a large-scale sports complex stadium is under construction and will be put into use in 2021. It will integrate multiple functions like Sports Park, football field, indoor basketball court, fencing field, table tennis room, and office space.

Website: tyb.szpt.edu.cn

Tel.: 0755—26731861

(Photo 1) All teachers of the PE Department at Shenzhen Polytechnic

(Photo 2) The soccer team of Shenzhen Polytechnic wins the championship in China University Football League

(Photo 3) The Sports Complex Stadium to be built