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School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

The School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

The School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering(SMEE), with 2100 full-time students at present, was founded in July 2004, and so far, have cultivated 9200 graduates. In the face of industries of intelligent manufacturing, automation, mechatronics, new energy. Smart city and intelligent building, SMEE has established 6 majors namely, Mechanical Design and Manufacturing, Electrical Automation Technology, Intelligent Building Engineering Technology, Distributed Electricity Generation and Microgram Technology, Mechatronics Technology. And Industrial Robot Technology, Among them, Mechanical Design and Manufacturing and Intelligent Building Engineering Technology are the first batch of national key majors(2006) and Guangdong provincial brand majors (2016) for higher vocational and technical education, Electrical Automation Technology major is Guangdong provincial key major and Guangdong provincial brand major (2017); Mechatronics Technology major is Guangdong provincial key major (2014), Equipment Manufacturing key major of National Vocational College granted by Ministry of Education (2017). In 2012. The "Guangdong University Automation Instrument and Device Engineering Technology Development Center Construction Project" and "Shenzhen New Energy Discipline Construction" applied by school was successfully set up. During the "Twelfth period, the college will gradually form a relatively complete multi-level and high-skilled mechanical and electrical engineering talent training system, and carry out the construction of new energy discipline, and build Energy Engineering School on the existing foundation of the SMEE. By 2020, it will reach3 majors and more than 600 students, and comprehensively promotes the construction of school and major group platform courses. SMEE works up a strong faculty of 123 faculty members, including 13 professors, 58 associate professors, 31 doctors, 60 masters, and 3'Golden teachers of Shenzhen Polytechnic. The proportion of "dual-skilled” teachers is 90%It has 10 national quality courses, 6 provincial quality 7600 square-meter of practical training sites, and a total of more than 102-million-yuan practical training equipment. It has established the Automation Instrument and Device Engineering Center of Guangdong Province, the Key Laboratory of Modern Design and Manufacturing Technology Application of Shenzhen, and the NDT Training Center of China Nondestructive Testing Society. In addition, it has also cooperated with internationally renowned companies to build the Festo (Germany) Authorized Certification Training Center (FACT), FANUC (Japan) CNC System Application Training Center, Siemens Advanced Automation Technology Joint Model Training Center, and ABB Automation Technology Training Laboratory, More than 131 off-campus internship sites have been established in related enterprises in Shenzhen.

Teaching Affairs

The college focuses on the cultivation of the professional quality of the students, and emphasizes the control of teaching quality and the establishment of a good learning atmosphere. It has been honored as "Advanced Unit” for school assessment for many times. In 2009 and 2015, it was named as "Advanced Unit" of Shenzhen education System. The students have won numerous awards in various domestic and international competitions. In the past three years, they have won 31 ultra-provincial and ministerial awards, including one international award and 13 national awards. In two consecutive years, SMEE obtained the °A" level teaching quality in the comprehensive evaluation of Shenzhen Polytechnics.

The company's eagerness and high attention to cultivate high-skilled talents provide a broad space for employment and career development for graduates of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. SMEE closely integrates social and industrial needs and actively explores effective ways to cultivate high-skilled talents. The graduates possess an excellent employment prospects, The average employment fate of the college in the past five years is over 95%The recruiting companies include Shenzhen Dajiang Innovation Technology Co. Ltd, Shenzhen Special Equipment Safety Inspection Institute, Shenzhen Dazu Laser Technology Co. Ltd. Guangdong Dapeng LNG Co. Ltd... Shenzhen Betray New Energy Materials Co. Ltd.tc. According to the statistics of Mikens Annual Report on Social Needs and Quality of Cultivation, the monthly income of students after graduation one year is among the highest in all the schools of Shenzhen Polytechnics. In recent year, the college has been striving topromote the "order + joint" school-enterprise cooperation training, mode, and selected domestic large-scale outstanding enterprises, such as Shenzhen Huichuan Technology Co.Ltd, Shenzhen Metro Group Co, Ltd, etc. for training "tailored Professional talents" in batch ,which effectively expands the employment channels of students and improves the quality of employment.


SMEE has focused on the actual need of the society and enterprises, and tried every means to promote school-enterprise cooperation and enhance core competitiveness. SMEE aims to cultivate innovative and pioneering talents, implement the strategy of “off-campus research". With the guideline of technology application and development, SMEE gives prominence to its unique characteristics and make overall plans so as to improve the existing Modern Design Manufacturing Technology key lab and the operating mechanism of Automation Technology Research Center. We focus on the construction of three research platform like the Integration Engineering Technology Development Center of Advanced Equipment Manufacturing Automation System. Etc. Taking "reasonable arrangement", "integration of resources' and "Innovation and integration" as its principal, SMEE cultivates 6 research and development team for core technology innovation.

SMEE encourages some of its specialties to explore the strategy to cooperate with the government and enterprises, and jointly create 3-5 demand-oriented cooperative union to the form interaction among production, teaching and research, altogether realize triple-wins. And each side can better enhance international communication to introduce,

digest and assimilate advanced technology.


SMEE attaches great importance to international exchange and works at extending students' horizons. So, our school set up a joint course with Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education-- Haking Wong named "advanced diploma for Electrical Service Engineering", and the students can get a diploma at both sides. SMEE cooperates with the University of Houston in the United States, the University of Wolverhampton in United Kingdom, the University off Applied Sciences in Esslingen of Germany, the University of Applied Sciences in Nuremberg of Germany, the University of Ballarat in Australia, the Singapore Polytechnic, the Kunshan University of Technology in Taiwan, the Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education and etc. With these universities and institutes, we've made teacher-student exchanges and have up built cooperative relations ranging from teaching programs to scientific researches. Especially, our graduates can enjoy a steady flow to the University of Wolver Hampton United Kingdom and the Ballarat University in Australia for further study through student-teacher exchange programs.

Off-Campus Service & Training

SMEE has established school-enterprise cooperation with more than 80 companies, and set up FACT Festo (German) Authorized and Certified Training Center, FANUC (Japan) numerical control system South China Applied Center, and Siemens Automatics Training Center. Meanwhile, ABB Automatic Practical' Training Chamber, SMEE has also established 74bases for off-campus internship in Shenzhen.

SMEE has Shenzhen Modem Design and Manufacturing Technology key lab, Training Center of Chinese Non-destructive Testing Institution, Precision Mould Technology Center, and Automation Technology Research Center to provide service to medium-sized and small enterprises. The service includes machine design analysis, precision manufacturing, precision mould design and manufacturing, Component inspection, non-destructive testing. Mechanotronics machine research and development, automation technology software and hardware product research and development. SMEE has taken an active part in external training, technical consultation, support and service. Training 1o employees from enterprises. Solution to technical problems.

Professional introduction

1. Mechanical Design and Manufacturing (Key National Model Specialty

Mainly for three training directions of the intelligent manufacturing, mold digital design, and mechanical product measurement and inspection. Engaged in product design, mold design, project management, production management, CNC machining and programming, measurement and inspection, intelligent production line maintenance, part procurement and product marketing.

2. Electrical Automation Technology

Manly for to "China Marntadurng2025 huge demand for automation professionals, training hybrid high-quality and high-skilled talents with debugging. Operation and maintenance, sales and other work. In the field of electrical engineering and automatic control expertise and operational skills, and in the production and service of on-site electrical automation and intelligent product design, testing, Installation.

3. Mechatronics Technology

Mainly training talents in mechatronics technology and intelligent manufacturing industry (domain). For installation, commissioning, operation, maintenance, maintenance, design and technical management of mechanical and electrical equipment (such as robots, CNC machine tools, automatic machine, etc._)

4. Intelligent Building Engineering Technology

Mainly for three training directions of building intelligent engineering technology. Building environment and energy management and building energy-saving engineering technology. Cultivating talents with intelligent building design. Building intelligent engineering, property management, skill training, and obtain on-site production, service and management, installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance and transformation of building intelligent systems, construction management abilities.

5. Industrial Robot Technology

Mainly cultivating talents in mechanical assembly technology, hydraulic and pneumatic technology, sensor application technology. Computer programming and control technology, actuator application technology, industrial bus integration technology. Robot application operation technology and mastering initial integration and maintenance capabilities of the robot production line

6. Distributed Generation and Microgram Technology

Mainly for talents of distributed new energy applications, energy storage applications and new energy electric vehicle related industries, from intelligent manufacturing of new energy equipment, inspection and maintenance, product sales and technical support, installation and commissioning of new energy electrical systems, selection and distribution of electrical systems, distributed power station, microgram and electric vehicle charging station operation and maintenance; now energy engineering construction management, project development and other positions..