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School of Electronic and Communication Engineering

School of Electronics and Communication Engineering

School of Electronics and Communication Engineering has 6 enrollment majors, namely Electronic Information Engineering Technology, Computer Network Technology, Information Security and Management, Communication Technology, Mobile Communication Technology, Mobile Internet Application Technology and Internet of Things Application Technology. The school has 74 administrative classes and 2,636 students, and has been awarded "Advanced Unit in Shenzhen's Education System", "National Advanced Unit of Vocational Education", and won honorary title of "Provincial Demonstration Point of Cultivating and Practicing Socialist Core Values".

The school is known for an energetic team of teachers and a strong teaching management team with good professional qualities and a reasonable professional knowledge structure. It has 74 full-time teachers,including 9 professors, 52 associate professors and senior engineers, 23 doctors, 2 South Guangdong outstanding teacher, 2 provincial-level outstanding teachers, a Pengcheng Scholar, an overseas high-level talent of Shenzhen and 5 college-level outstanding teachers (ace teachers). There is one National Vocational Education Teacher Teaching Innovation Team, one national excellent teaching team, one provincial excellent teaching team and three college-level excellent teaching teams.

The teaching achievements of the school won the only one special prize and the second prize of the national education achievement award in 2018.The school has two national-level teaching resource libraries, two college-level teaching resources libraries and two national high-level professional construction groups. It has seven national-level resource sharing courses and two provincial-level quality resource sharing courses. It also has the first Guangdong Industrial IoT Engineering Technology Research Center established under the guidance of Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology, and three national-level demonstration training bases financed by the central government.

The school continuously explores new channels of "collaborative cultivation" and established an ICT collaborative cultivation platform jointly with well-known enterprises such as Huawei, arm, Cisco and China Unicom; established Huawei Network Technology College, Huawei Certified Cooperative Training Center, Huawei Information and Network Technology Academy, Cisco Network Technology Academy, arm intelligent hardware college, Google "Android Talents Cultivation Demonstration Base and Teachers Training Demonstration Base", Google "AI Talents Cultivation Demonstration Base", and Citrix IT Technology Academy. Among them, Cisco Networking Academy has been awarded National Excellent Cisco Network Academy for many years, Huawei Network Academy has been awarded "Global Excellent Partner", and Huawei Information and Network Technology Academy has been favorably assessed for two consecutive years in 2017 and 2018. In addition, the school has established close cooperative relations with Amazon, ARM Holdings, 360 Enterprise Security Group, Shenzhen Airlines and other business units.

The school pays attention to cultivating students' innovative ability, organizes students to participate in the National Vocational College Skills Competition, Huawei College Students ICT Skills Contest, National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest and other competitions and has won many awards: in 2018, the school won the Cloud Circuit Champion of Huawei College Students ICT Contest Global Finals; in 2017, the school won the first prize of the National “Smart Metropolitan Area Network” Competition; between 2013 and 2016, the school won the first prize of the National Vocational College Skills Competition for four consecutive years. In 2011 and 2013, the school won the first prize of the National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest, and "Renesas Cup" , the highest award in 2011; students in the school are encouraged to obtain professional certifications. Up to now, 224 students have obtained a CCIE certificate, 139 students have obtained a HCIE certificate, 5 students have obtained a RHCA certificate, and13 students have obtained a RHCE certificate.

Chongli Academy is one of the first pilot units to explore academy-style educational mode. They explore an academy-style educational mode and a service model of "clubs + volunteer service" , and build a "U Station". The students' affairs office of the school has been awarded “Excellent Team for College students' Affairs in Guangdong Province”.

Electronic and Information Engineering

The major of electronic information engineering was founded in 1994. It is one of the longest-standing majors in the history of SZPT. It is the pilot major of teaching reform of the Ministry of Education, the national high-quality major of Higher Vocational colleges, the first batch of national demonstration majors, the first batch of first-class brand majors in Guangdong Province, and the major unit of national professional teaching resource base of electronic information engineering technology. It has one national teaching team and one national vocational education creation team. We have 6 national quality courses, 2 national quality resource sharing courses and 1 MOOC project in the first batch of SZPT. Over the past three years, students have won more than 20 national prizes in various professional competitions. They have won the Renesas-Cup in the National College Students Electronic Design Competition and the first in the Embedded System Application Technology Competition in the National Vocational Skills Competition. In 2019, the groupe of lectronic information engineering technology has become a national "Double Top" construction major.

The major of electronic information engineering started its four-year educational program reform in 2001, and in 2012 we began a four-year joint educational program with the School of Information Engineering of Shenzhen University to develop application-oriented undergraduates of electronic information engineering. So far, we have recruited 600 students. In 2018, the "elite class" of electronic information engineering technology major opened for the first time (enrollment of sophomore). As the first approved reform unit of elite class personnel training in SZPT, training results are remarkable: in 2019, 24 out of 25 students won the National College Students Electronic Design Competition, and won three first-class national prizes, and also won a number of national professional skills competition awards.

At present, there are more than 700 students in electronic information engineering technology. The training room covers an area of more than 2000 square meters. Cooperating with Google for students training, we are currently "students training demonstration base "certified by Google, with two certified lecturers and one certified course. In collaboration with arm, the world's top integrated circuit enterprise, we have established arm-SZPT-Baikerongchuang Intelligent Hardware College, and a embedded artificial intelligence technology application demonstration base certified by arm. The major of electronic information engineering has cooperated with Shenzhen Integrated Circuit Design Industrialization Base, Shenzhen Electronics Society, Shenzhen Electronics Industry Association, Hangzhou Luntek Technology Co.,Ltd and etc. to build more than 70 training bases inside and outside schools. In recent years, the major has made great achievements in curriculum construction, and the teaching ideas and methods have exerted a far-reaching influence on the teaching reform of secondary and higher vocational colleges in China. Students' second classroom activities are rich and colorful. Students' associations such as "Electronic Elite Training Camp", "Robot Association" and "Micro Chip Power Association" provide students with good extracurricular learning conditions. At the same time, we also provided one master studio of "Feng Wanliang" and five professional teacher studios, which provide a good platform for students' interest cultivation, extracurricular professional technology learning and preparation for the World Skills Competition.


After the transformation and upgrading of major under the background of artificial intelligence, we should locate the Pearl River Delta, Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Dawan District and the leading demonstration area of socialism, and face the industrial fields of integrated circuit design, embedded system and artificial intelligence plus (artificial intelligence application level) of electronic information industry, so as to cultivate the all-round development of morality, intelligence and physique, the urgent need of industry and the superb skills. High-quality technical and skilled personnel with strong innovative ability and engaged in development, design and application.

Core subjects:

circuit basis, electronic technology, basis embedded programming, electronic circuit board design, development and application of new type single-chip microcomputer, sensor technology, programmable logic devices and applications, design of integrated circuit technology, integrated circuit layout design, machine vision, intelligent home system, embedded system applications etc.


This major is based on electronic technology, with intelligent hardware development and integrated circuit design as its core. So that the graduates are suitable for a wide range of positions in electronic information and related businesses. For instance, they will qualify for the 7000 electronic development companies in Shenzhen for a position involved in PCB Layout Engineer, SOC Application Engineer, Embedded Middleware Application Engineer, Android System Engineer, Android Application Engineer, Integrated Circuit Layout Designer, Integrated Circuit Sealing Engineer, Technical Support, After-sales Service and other relative positions.

Communications Technology

The Communication Technology major began enrolling in 1994. It is a national high-level major built by the Ministry of Education's “Double Top” plan, key major in Guangdong Province, the first batch brand-name major in Guangdong Province, central financial training base, and the first batch information and communication collaborative education platform recognized by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Education. In 2018, this major cooperated with Huawei to train ICT technical talents and won the National Teaching Achievement Special Award, the only special award for higher vocational education in the country. In November 2019, leaders such as Sun Chunlan, Vice Premier of the State Council and Ma Xingrui, Governor of Guangdong Province, inspected the Communication Technology major and highly praised the effectiveness of the training of communication technology professionals.

This major cooperates with leading companies in the communications industry like Huawei, has established the first batch of Huawei Network Technology College in China, the first Huawei cooperative network authorized training center in our country, and it has trained more than 100 Huawei HCIE top certification experts, the largest number in the country. It has awarded Outstanding Huawei Information and Network Technology College for 3 consecutive years. It won the first prize of the National Vocational College Skills Competition for 5 years. In 2019, it won the first prize of the Guangdong Higher Vocational Teachers' Teaching Ability Competition. It has hosted 6 vocational skills competitions in Guangdong Province and won 17 provincial or ministerial awards.

There are 21 full-time teachers in this major, including a provincial-level teaching team, a May Day Labor Medal Winner, a Shenzhen city-level municipal outstanding teacher, a Shenzhen city-level municipal excellent class instructor, all teachers have teaching and practicing experiences, and all professional teachers are master degree or above, including 9 doctors, which was rated as the outstanding teaching team of Guangdong Province.

There is a training base with central financial support, and 5G mobile communications, cloud services / cloud computing technology, VR technology, smart metropolitan area network technology, broadband access technology, artificial intelligence technology, IP data com Technology, optical fiber communication technology, optical transmission technology, network planning and optimization and a number of world-class training platforms. The asset of equipment is more than 50 million.

The major is mainly for communication operators, communication equipment manufacturers, communication engineering design and construction supervision, Internet companies and other units. It cultivates highly qualified technical and technical personnel who masters IP data communication technology, 4G / 5G whole network construction technology, transmission network technology, smart metropolitan area network technology, cloud computing / cloud service technology, communication survey design and budget, artificial intelligence technology, mobile network planning and optimization, mobile intelligence Knowledge and skills.

This major has a wide international influence. It has conducted Huawei IP data communication technology training for teachers and students of ITE Academy in Singapore for 4 years. It also conducted 3 trainings for Huawei 5G mobile communication and other technologies for teachers and students of Malacca University of Applied Technology in Malaysia and Plovdiv University in Bulgaria. At the same time, it conducted training on telecommunication technology facilities for African countries and smart government training in developing countries, involving more than 20 overseas countries and training more than 500 international colleges. In 2018, Algeria's national television station, national radio station, and the country's largest newspaper came to school to learn the training experience of communications technology talent. In 2019, the president of South Africa Telecom, the largest telecommunications group in the African region, came to the school to learn the experience of cultivating talents cooperating with Huawei.

Computer Network Technology

The Computer Network Technology is one of the first Key Majors of the National Exemplary Vocational Colleges, and also one of the first key constructional Majors of Guangdong Province. This major focuses on training students to install and configure network equipments. The students who choose this major should also grasp the network cabling, the installation and configuration of network operating system, the installation and maintenance of database, as well as the cloud installation and maintenance of computer operation system. Developing and maintaining a dynamic website, and guarantee network security are also required in network integration direction.

Core subjects: The Foundation of Network Technology, Routing and Switching Technology, Internetwork Technology, Network Cabling, Firewall Technology, Windows Server System Management, Linux System Management, Network Security, Virtualization Technology, Cloud Computing, Large Database (My SQL), Web based Programming, and SDN technology, etc.

Our major has abundant qualified teaching resource. There are 14 professional teachers, including 9 associate professors/senior engineers and 5 lecturers, and all of them are "dual-skilled" teachers. In our team, two teachers acquired CCIE (Cisco Certified Internet Expert) certifications. One teacher acquired Huawei HCIE (Huawei Certified Internetwork Expert) certification. Two teachers acquired CISP certifications on information security. Two teachers won the "Gold Instructor" of Cisco Network Academy program (China), and one teacher won the "Excellent Instructor" of H3C Academy Program. Two teachers are Shenzhen high level talents.

The Computer Network Technology joined in "Cisco Network Academy" in 2001, which was the first college of Cisco Network Academy in China. Our major trained a large number of high level and practical talents on network technology by bringing Cisco Network Academy courses into teaching. In 2013, the first Asia-Pacific "Citrix IT Academy" was founded by Citrix Corporation and us, and the objective of "Citrix IT Academy" is fostering talents on virtualization and cloud computing. We joined in "Huawei Information and Network Academy" in 2014. In 2015, we joined "Red Hat Academy".

The Computer Network Technology owns full functional training bases, including Cisco Network Training Base, Huawei Network training Base, Cloud Computing and Storage training base, Network Security Training base and SDN Technology Training base. Our training bases are entitled as "Training Base of Fostering High-skilled Talents" in Guangdong Province, "Financial Training Base of Central Vocational Education", "Provincial Exemplary Vocational College Training Base" and "National Exemplary Vocational Training Base".

Until June 2019, our 220 students got CCIE certifications, 50 students got HCIE certifications, and 3 students obtained RHCA (Red Hat Certified Architect)certifications. Our graduates are working in various industries in Shenzhen, and they receive many positive comments from their employers. Our alumni make a great contribution to the network technology industry and information security in Shenzhen.

Internet of Things (IoT) Application Technology

The major of the internet of things (IoT) application technology in the Shenzhen Polytechnic (SZPT) was founded at 2013. It has professional directions such as IoT for smart wearables, IoT in artificial-intelligence (AI) application, and IoT in intelligent healthcare application.

The program aims to cultivate students to be high-quality compound and practical talents in relevant careers with sense of innovation, especially in industries with applications in wireless network systems, smart home, smart city, smart wearable technology, smart medical technology, radio-frequency-identification (RFID) system, AI system. Through studying a variety of courses and intensive training, the students improve their ability in practical research and development in IoT engineering, data platform management, integration design and installation as well as maintenance of a system.

The IoT group have nineteen professional faculty members, consisting of two professors and eleven associate professors, among which six members hold PhD degree and thirteen hold master degrees. The IoT group has 83% faculty with theoretical-and-technical qualification, including nine senior technicians and two international clinical engineers.

The IoT group consistently ranks among the top in the polytechnics in China, focusing on research and development of IoT technologies for various applications. We have three granted titles: the Industrial Technology Research Center of the Internet of Things granted by the department of science and technology of Guangdong province; the Industrial Internet of things Engineering Laboratory granted by the development and reform commission of Guangdong province, and the Industrial Internet of things Engineering Laboratory granted by the development and reform commission of Shenzhen. The IoT group has built a practical training base supported by the Treasury Department of China. The practical training base consists of industrial IoT training lab, wearable technology training lab, smart home training lab, RFID, bar-code technology training lab, and smart medical informatization training lab. These training labs fully guarantee the teaching requirement of the practical training courses of the IoT major.

The IoT group has carried out a number of cooperative projects with leading industries in information-technology fields such as HUAWEI, ZTE, Invengo, EVOC group, China Mobile, China Unicom, CITIC sunft, Yongtai Zhongtian, MINDRAY. We have also found practical training base outside school by cooperating with the more than 110 enterprises in Shenzhen. The IoT major has been in depth cooperation with related industry associations. The IoT group is the vice-chair organization of the Shenzhen marine new high-tech industry promotion association. In addition, the IoT group is in depth cooperation with other associations such as the Shenzhen electronics industry association, the Shenzhen internet of things industry association, the Guangdong provincial internet of things industry association, and the industrial 4.0 association. Various cooperation strengthens communication between industry and the SZPT in the IoT personnel demand, training and recommendation, and constantly adjusts the education objectives, and ensures the students suitable for the development requirement of IoT industries in the region.

In recent years, the students of the IoT major in SZPT have won various national competition awards. In the IoT application competition of the national polytechnics professional and technical competition, the IoT students won the national first prize in the first competition, then the national first prize and Guangdong provincial first prize in 2019, and the national second prize and Guangdong provincial first prize in 2018. In the national undergraduate electronic design contest, our students won two national second prizes and two Guangdong provincial third prizes in 2019, one national second prize and two Guangdong provincial first prizes in 2017. In 2015, our students won the second prize in the Shenzhen photoelectric cup semiconductor lighting design competition. Last but not least, our students in IoT major won many prizes in many other competitions.

Mobile Internet Applied Technology

Mobile Internet Applied Technology major was founded in 2017, which is focused on cultivating special applied talents with professionals worked for mobile apps, mobile internet promotion, mobile devices and accessories development, mobile marketing, and also for mobile intelligent devices and related applications. As a matter of fact, mobile internet industry plays a crucial role in expandable network economic space in the 13th five-year plan for economy and social development of the People's Republic of China. With the development of this industry, such kind of talents is greatly needed by the society.

There are 6 professional and qualified teachers with master's or doctor's degree, including 1 professor and 3 associate professors. It is worth mentioned that the students of the mobile internet applied technology major had won the National vocational skills competition National Award in its preparatory stage. In the near future, we will encourage all sorts of student associations and enthusiasts to participate in relevant projects and contests, which can fully develop and exercise students' practical ability.

Core subjects: Mobile APP, Mobile Internet Marketing and Practice, HTML5 application development, Mobile Network Programming Technology, Network Operating System, Mobile Terminal Microcontroller Development, Data Communication Technology, and Object-Oriented Programming.

There are professional and advanced facilities to meet the needs for teaching in this field. Our research team has set up partnerships with China Unicom, Huawei, Lenovo and a number of domestic first-class IT enterprises, and constructed the mobile internet common technology service platform of Nanshan District. These have provided more opportunities for our students to establish training platforms associated with domestic first-class enterprises.

Information Security and Management

Information Security and Management major was founded in 2018, developed from the major of Computer Network Technology. The Information Security and Management major mainly trains students to learn the fundamental theory and regulation of information security, installation and debugging of network equipments and security equipments, security configuration of system software, network penetration and protection, and the evaluation and enhancement of information system security.

Core subjects: The Foundation of Network Technology, The Foundation of Network Security Technology, Firewall Technology, Windows Server System Management, Linux System Management, Network Penetration and Protection, Front-end Web Developing, Back-end Web Developing, Network Security Management, Python Programming, and Database Management, etc.

Information Security and Management major has 14 qualified teachers share with Computer Network Technology, including 9 associate professors/senior engineers and 5 lecturers, all of whom are double-quality teachers. Among them, two teachers acquired CCIE (Cisco Certified Internet Expert) certifications, one acquired Huawei HCIE (Huawei Certified Internetwork Expert) certification, two acquired CISP certifications on information security. Two are awarded the "Gold Instructor" by Cisco Network Academy Program (China), and one awarded the "Excellent Instructor" of H3C Academy Program. Two teachers are "Shenzhen High Level Talents".

Information Security and Management major has active cooperation with the leading information security enterprises at home and abroad. The strategic cooperation agreement were signed between the school with the Information Security Evaluation Center of Guangdong Province, SANGFOR, 360 Technology, DBAPP Security, and other well-known information security agencies and enterprises, to enhance close cooperation in teaching course design, simulation training, and internship and employment. Further cooperation will be carried out with more information security enterprises to teach and train major student.

Information Security and Management major and Computer Network Technology major will co-work the well-established multi-function simulation training labs, including Cisco Network Training, Huawei Network Training, Cloud Computing and Storage Training, Network Security Training and SDN Technology Training. The training labs are entitled as "Practice base of skillful Talents" by Guangdong Province, "Financial Practice Base of Central Vocational Education", "Provincial Exemplary Vocational College Practice Base" and "National Exemplary Vocational Practice Base".

So far, the graduates are working in various industries in Shenzhen, and they receive many positive comments from their employers. A alumni have made a great contribution to the network technology industry and information security in Shenzhen. Some outstanding graduates work in Guangdong Information Security Evaluation Center, Shenzhen Network Police Brigade, Ant Financial Services Group, SANGFOR, DBAPP Security, TOPSEC, and other well-known institutions and enterprises.

The Electronics and Communication Engineering Lab

The Electronics and Communication Engineering Lab was established in 1994. Now it has developed into a large modern training base with a total area of about 3800m2 , which is divided into 35 skills training units, including about 83,000,000 investment and more than 7,000 sets of equipment.

The Electronics and Communication Engineering Lab provides software and hardware environments for skills training to students from following majors, Electronic and Information Engineering, Applied Technology of Internet of Things, Communication Technology, Mobile Internet Application Technology, Computer Network Technology, and Information Security and Management. In addition, it provides services to students from the whole school who expand second major of either Electronic and Information Engineering, Communications Technology or Computer Network Technology. Meanwhile, it also provides software and hardware environment supports for teachers or technical training in related fields.

To meet the demands of the school development and the majors practice teaching, the Electronics and Communication Engineering Lab has established three sub-labs as following, electronic technology, communication technology and network technology. It is composed by the following professional training units which are keeping up with the industry development situation, such as Integrated circuit design and test, Signal processing technology, Analog circuit advanced training, Programmable logic devices application, Hospital information management, Medical equipment detection, Power technology, Smart home system, Smart wearable technology, Smart City & Industrial Internet of Things, Sensor technology, Smart card and RFID technology, Embedded system application, Clinical engineering, Electronic circuit board design ,Android application technology, Huawei IP, Mobile communication engineering, Communication foundation, Optical communication, Optical fiber measurement, GSM system, 3G system, LTE system, NGN, Communication engineering, Access network, Mobile internet application technology, Wireless voice network technology,H3C network technology, Network engineering technology, Network security technology, Virtualization technology etc.

In the respects of adapting to the development of the electronics and communication network industry in the Pearl River Delta and meeting the demand for employment in Shenzhen, as well as training practical technical talents in related fields, the Electronics and Communication Engineering Lab has made its due contribution.

Chongli SchoolSchool of Electronics and Communication Engineering

Chongli School is the first batch of experimental units of exploring college level academy, based on the School of Electronic and Communication Engineering. Now Chongli School owns one hall, two bars and six rooms, and has launched a number of brand activities, such as Touring Shenzhen, Reading Salon, and Face-to-face Meeting between Teachers and Students. Chongli School adheres to the idea of education in life. We have attained great achievements in the construction of planning and operation of functional rooms, academy culture promotion, and hosting characteristic activities. Chongli School has been approved by many teachers and students in Shenzhen Polytechnic.

Chongli academy has won the honors of cultivating and practicing the core demonstration point of socialism in Guangdong Province, the second batch of "benchmarking colleges and departments of Party construction" in Guangdong Province, and under the guidance of Party construction, it adheres to the spirit of "improving the consciousness of voluntary service and deepening the connotative development of community", forming a unique voluntary service and community culture. There are2,552 registered volunteers in our school, which 95.28% of our students have participated in it. The total voluntary service time of our volunteers is nearly 88,646 hours. There are 25 communities in our school, and we are actively exploring a quadri-unity developing approach of fostering, service, competition and achievement. Our electronic elite training camp won the excellent community of Guangdong province in 2014. Our school created a model of combining community with volunteer service, in which "small household electrical appliance repair station" has repaired nearly 1012 household electrical appliances for the residents. The household electrical appliance repair station has been reported by many mainstream medium, such as the Southern Metropolis Daily, the Shenzhen Evening News and so on.

Our school has actively created a rich and colorful campus culture environment by organizing rich content, novel style and strongly attractive activities on ideological and political education, science and technology, entertainment and sports. We also have organized thematic education activities, learning the patriotism, collectivism and socialism by heart during the Youth Day, the Party's Day, the National day, the anniversary of Dec. 9 Campaign and other anniversary days. We have developed the Science and Technology Culture Festival, the Grassland Culture Festival, the Dormitory Culture Festival, the community cultural tour and other campus culture activities. We are focusing on building quality cultural products, founding cultural brand and trying to create a positive campus culture environment.


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