Xili Lake Campus
Industrial Training Center

Introduction to the Industrial Training Center

The Industrial Training Center conflating training of vocational skills and education of occupational qualities undertakes such tasks as the training and teaching of basic engineering skills, the general education of science and technology, the teaching of the applied mathematics for engineering, the training appraisal and certification of vocational skills, the teacher training for vocational and technical education, as well as the scientific and technological development and services. With 5 affiliated teaching and research offices (training rooms), the Industrial Training Center has 71 faculty members (including 40 members obtaining titles of senior professional posts and 54 master's degree and above, 20 senior technicians, 1 national technical expert, 3 technical experts of Guangdong Province, 1 outstanding teaching team of Guangdong Province, and 9 high-level talents of Shenzhen). The facility covering over 6,700 square meters for all training rooms and equipped with more than RMB 34.60 million worth of apparatus is the Shenzhen Studio for Masters (Prominent Teachers) of Industrial Automatic Control Skills.

The Industrial Training Center designs basic skills training courses on electrotechnics, technologies of electronics, mechanical design & manufacturing and engineering, and innovative design and manufacturing for all majors of Shenzhen Polytechnic with the purpose of cultivating students' basic engineering skills and occupational qualities; designs basic science courses on applied mathematics and physics to impart rudimentary knowledge and basic methods for solutions to students, which are required for jobs calling for technical skills; designs courses on the general education of science and technology to cultivate students' preliminary scientific thinking and quality, broaden their vision of science & technology and engineering, and teach them how to solve practical problems in a scientific manner. It has obtained 1 teaching achievement award at the provincial level, opened 6 national quality resource sharing courses and 4 provincial quality resource sharing courses, implemented 3 sub-projects of the National Professional Teaching Resource Library for Vocational Education, and published 11 textbooks under the national planning. It has organized and guided students to compete in the Contemporary Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling (CUMCM) and the Mathematical Contest in Modeling (MCM)/Interdisciplinary Contest in Modeling (ICM), the National Undergraduate Mechanical Innovation Design Competition, the National Undergraduate Electronics Design Contest, the National Vocational Skills Competition, and other competitions, winning 16 national first prizes, 14 national second prizes, and 25 provincial first prizes.

While actively engaging in the scientific and technological development and services, as well as the vocational training and vocational skills certification for the society, the Industrial Training Center undertakes 2 projects of national science and technology fund, 5 projects of provincial science and technology fund and social science planning, and RMB 2.55 million of contract funds for enterprises' scientific and technological development services, and has obtained 147 patents at home and abroad; opens 16 sessions of teachers training of vocational education of the Ministry of Education, providing hundreds of teachers with the services of vocational training and vocational skills certification annually on average, and cultivating more than 500 skilled talents above the level of the technician for the society (including 1 obtaining the National May 1st Labor Medal, 1 the title of national technical expert, and 6 the titles of provincial and municipal technical expert).