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About UsThe Faculty is staffed by excellent academic members, including 4 professors, 15 associate professors, 11 of whom have PhDs, and 9 of whom have overseas degrees. In recent years, our staff have published more than 20 academic books and hundreds of academic papers. Moreover, we have undertaken more than 50 projects sponsored by national, provincial and municipal governments. Our students have won many awards in the national and provincial competitions, such as National College Students Art Skills Competition, Art Exhibition of Guangdong College Students, Dance Competition of Guangdong College Students and Shenzhen Double-piano Four-hands Exhibition Match. As an active, program-oriented teaching unit, our faculty has developed good cooperation with organizations such as China Music Industry Park(Shenzhen), Shenzhen Concert Hall and Shenzhen Museum. In order to provide on-campus training practice, our faculty has established several well-equipped training workshops, including a cultural and creative studio, a preschool-education training workshop, a digital music studio and a digital piano classroom.

1.Department of Cultural Creativity and Planning

ObjectivesThe Department of Cultural Creativity and Planning aims to impart to students the knowledge about the creative thinking and aesthetic theories to help them broaden their intellectual horizon, reach an integrated understanding of various kinds of culture, and equip themselves with skills such as internet tools, new media and artificial intelligence technologies, so that they can develop foundations for their future career, and become experts for culture-related industries such as cultural creativity services, cultural event planning, cultural brand management, cultural program operation and so on.

Main CoursesManagement of Cultural Creative Industries, Cultural Event Planning, New Media Audio-Visual Program, Cultural Brand Management, Performing Operation and Planning, Art Curator, Short Video Creativity and Production, Cultural Policies and Regulations, Pop Culture.

CareersOur graduates took jobs of cultural event planning, brand management, new media operation, performance management and art curator mainly in cultural communication companiespublic relations planning companiescultural creative Parkperform operating companies, MCN and exhibition organizations.

2 Department of Preschool Education

ObjectivesThe Department of Preschool Education aims to impart to students the knowledge about teachers’ professional ethics, scientific educational philosophy and basic humanities and scientific literacy, to help them master systematic professional knowledge and skills of preschool education, equip with strong abilities of nursing and preliminary education research, and become experts in the childcare education or the educational teaching management in various preschool education institutions or kindergartens.

Main CoursesDevelopmental Psychology of Preschool Children, Introduction to Kindergarten Curriculum, Early Childhood Care and Education, Class Management of Kindergarten, Creation of Kindergarten Environment, Kindergarten Game Design, Activity Design of Kindergarten Curriculum, Preschool Children’s Art Courses(game, piano, drawing, music, dance and so on).

CareersSome of our graduates worked in kindergartens or early education institutions as full-time teachers; and some worked as planners or executives in the field of children programs in education companies, media, publishing groups, training organizations, and communities.

3 Musical Performance

ObjectivesThe Department of Musical Performance aims to develop students’ comprehensive qualities in terms of moral, intellectual, fitness as well as their appreciation of aesthetics, to cultivate their abilities of cultural literacy, musical performance skills, music teaching skills, public cultural and artistic services and management skills, and to help them become experts in the musical performance, music teaching and performance management.

Main CoursesVocal Music, Instrumental Music (Chinese zither, Erhu, Violin, Saxe, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone), Piano, Fundamental Harmony, Chorus and Conducting, Art Practice, Stage Lighting and Audio Practice, Music Production, Music Culture Introduction, Art Appreciation, Shape-up Training.

CareersOur graduates worked in the fields of musical performance, music teaching, performance management and service in art training institutions and cultural companies.

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