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UNESCO-UNEVOC Centre-Research and Training Centre for the UNESCO Asia-Africa TVET Project

UNESCO-UNEVOC Centre Research and Training Centre for the UNESCO Asia-Africa TVET Project

1. About Us

In 2006, Shenzhen Polytechnic (SZPT) joined the UNESCO-UNEVOC Network, the first worldwide network dedicated to TVET (Technical and Vocational Education and Training) coordinated by UNESCO-UNEVOC. Now it is one of nearly 260 UNESCO-UNEVOC Centres in the world. In response to the national strategy of "Going Global", SZPT has actively engaged in mutual learning in TVET through the various forms of cooperation,institutional mechanisms and platforms afforded by UNESCO-UNEVOC, being one of the most active UNEVOC Centre in East and Southeast Asia.

In April 2017, with the consent of UNESCO, the Secretariat of National Commission of the People’s Republic of China for UNESCO approved the establishment of the "Research and Training Centre for the UNESCO Asia-Africa TVET Project" at SZPT. It is intended to foster cross-border research and international collaboration in the field of TVET within the UNESCO frameworks for partnerships, aiming to jointly build up the capacity of TVET practitioners and promote TVET development in the global community.

2. Our Mission

· Capacity Building for UNESCO-UNEVOC Centres in Asia and Africa

With the guidance of the National Commission for UNESCO, our centre carries out targeted TVET research projects and training programs in Asia and Africa, based on Shenzhen's advantages in modern high-tech industries and SZPT’s rich experience in providing TVET. It serves to build capacity for UNESCO-UNEVOC centres in Asia and Africa, improve TVET development in Asian and African regions and countries, and thereby promote educational equity and sustainable development of TVET.

· Implementing the National Strategy by Supporting Industries to Go Global

In order to mobilize TVET institutions as development drivers, our centre fosters cooperation between TVET institutions and enterprises on the establishment of college branches at home and abroad; increases both quality and scale of TVET and prepares technical talents for China’s competitive industries; and ultimately serves China's "Belt and Road Initiative" and implement the national strategy by supporting industries to go global.

· International and Comparative TVET Research

Our centre conducts international and comparative TVET research about Asia, Africa, Europe and major international organizations, so as to provide international insights and theoretical support for the decision-making of governments, industrial enterprises and SZPT; facilitates research on the concepts, models and standards of TVET in SZPT and China, so as to share Chinese TVET solution and SZPT model to the global TVET community.

3. Our Vision

· To build an international and comparative TVET research and communication centre;

· To build an incubator of global TVET research talents;

· To provide an essential platform for exchanges and cooperation on the national TVET globalization development;

· To provide a key platform for TVET exchanges and training in Asia and Africa;

· To provide a crucial platform for TVET exchanges and cooperation with UNESCO, UNESCO-UNEVOC Network , UNESCO-UNEVOC I-hubs and ot     her international organizations.

4. Our Projects

(1) UNESCO I-hubs Project

In 2019, SZPT and UNESCO signed an implementation partnership agreement to launch the UNESCO I-hubs (Skills for Innovation Hubs) Project. In 2020, SZPT, as the only one I-hubs project partner in China, became one of the ten UNESCO I-hubs in the world.

Under the guidance of UNESCO-UNEVO, the UNEVOC Centre at SZPT has implemented the i-hubs project smoothly. It involved in UNESCO TVET seminars on TVET innovation, carried out innovation self-assessment and UNESCO-guided self-assessment, formulated a systematic innovation action plan, and compiled its innovation practice. With the implementation of the project, our centre has showcased SZPT's achievements in innovation and entrepreneurship education, greening TVET, digitization and other fields, established an innovation benchmark of SZPT for the peer institutions, and shared China’s solution to international TVET community.

(2) TVET Leadership Training Program

In response to the "Belt and Road Initiative" and to share China’s TVET model, our centre has been actively engaging TVET leadership training programs, particularly for Asian and African countries. So far, our centre has provided TVET training for Cambodian and Mongolian delegations respectively.

Through leadership program for TVET institutions in Asia and Africa, our centre serves to share high-quality TVET resources with TVET institutions overseas, which is not only a response to the "Belt and Road Initiative" by sharing China's TVET model with international TVET community, but also the efforts made to promote quality education, education equality and social justice.

(3) International Cooperation and Exchange

Since its establishment,our centre has been engaging in international cooperation and exchanges, with the goal of building SZPT into "a world-class TVET institution with Chinese features" and with the commitment to promoting mutual learning. With the coordination of our centre, in 2018 SZPT successively signed up to join the China-CECC Higher Education Institutions Consortium and the China & South Africa Technical and Vocational Education Cooperation Alliance. Our centre has also cooperated with Tao Xing Zhi College in the United States and was awarded the "Tao Xingzhi Lecture Hall" to promote the concepts and model of modern TVET. Moreover, our centre signed a memorandum of understanding with the Cambodia Development Resource Institute, a Cambodian national think tank. In addition, the Centre has also reached research cooperation intentions with Germany, Sweden, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Malaysia and other countries and regions.

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Research and Training Center for UNESCO Asia-Africa TVET Project

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